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phase(two)learning has been a popular blog for Talent Development practitioners since 2011, with a strong focus on creative facilitation and various aspects of onboarding and the new employee experience. Although there will be few new posts moving forward, the content is still available!

Over the years, there have been several memorable posts that have received quite a bit of buzz. Here are top 10 phase(two)learning posts, based on all-time page views. Enjoy!

20 Questions New Employees Should be Asking Managers

3 Training Icebreakers That Don’t Suck

11 Adult Learner Turnoffs (AKA – Don’t Be THAT Facilitator!)

Hiring Manager Tip: Start Building a Relationship Before the New Employee’s First Day

The Art of the Meet & Greet

The Introvert’s Guide to Being an Awesome Facilitator

A Few Words About Onboarding Jargon

An Open Letter to Hiring Managers

5 Must-Capture Onboarding Metrics to Prove Your Value

Setting & Communicating Vision for your Talent Development Team

Viewpoints and experiences change over time. As my career focus has shifted over the past several years, my perspective of the function, influence and importance of Talent and Organizational Development has expanded…this new site, a collection of ideas, is a reflection of that evolution.

Friends, it’s time to get down to brass tacks. It’s critical for Talent Development leaders to have a seat at the table, to demonstrate our impact on an organization’s success.

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